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Positional and Dynamic HUD

Positional and Dynamic HUD are the strongest features of Hand2Note that allows you display relevant statistics in HUD at the table

HUD is an abbreviation of Heads-Up Display which usually means variety of user interfaces. In Hand2Note by word HUD we mean stats displayed on each player right over the table.

All HUDs can be classified into 3 types: Static HUD, Positional HUD and Dynamic HUD.

Static HUD shows the same stats for all players at the table. You probably used this kind of HUD in other software.

Positional HUD shows different stats for different players at the table depending on their positions, hero's position, stacksizes, number of players in hand and many other criteria known on the beginning of a hand. Positional HUD doesn't change its state during a hand and therefore is completely allowed on PokerStars and other rooms.

Dynamic HUD shows stats depending on players' actions in hand. For example, it may show stat OPEN RAISE MP only when player open raises from middle position. This type of HUD is restricted on PokerStars but allowed on other rooms.

Dynamic Poker HUD Pic. 1. Positional HUD example in Hand2Note

Positional and Dynamic HUDs are completely customizable. You may create your own HUDs with thousand of stats at the table. Hand2Note provides interactive and rich editor to create stats, popups and HUDs very fast and easy.

Poker HUD editor Pic. 3. Interactive HUD Editor in Hand2Note

Please, follow our HUD Customization section for more details about creating and customizing HUD in Hand2Note.