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FAQ. PokerStars software restrictions

‒ Is Hand2Note allowed on PokerStars?

Yes, Hand2Note is present in the list of allowed tools on PokerStars

‒ What I am NOT ALLOWED do on PokerStars?

The following Hand2Note features are not available live at the tables on PokerStars:
  • - Dynamic HUD which changes its state during a hand. However, Positional HUD is allowed because it uses only information known at the beggining of a hand
  • - Preflop and postflop diagrams
  • - Stats based on player's known pocket cards
  • - Badges
  • - Auto color markers on players showing eigher player is a fish or a reg
These rules are applied only in HUD over PokerStars tables and popups which are opened directly by clicking on HUD. In all other cases Hand2Note provides full functionality.

‒ What I am ALLOWED do on PokerStars?

The following features are available while playing live on PokerStars:
  • - Positional HUD showing stats depending on information known at the beginning of a hand: nicknames, stack sizes, positions and players number
  • - Manually set color marker on a player
  • - Completely hide HUD if player folded in a hand
  • - Bet sizing separation of a stat's value
  • - The list of hands with showdowns per each stat
  • - Using postflop and preflop diagrams which are not opened directly from HUD at the table. For example, you may open such a popup using player's search in the main window of Hand2Note and all diagrams will be available there.

‒ What should I do to avoid occasional PokerStars rules violation?

Hand2Note enables all restrictions automatically. You don't need to worry about that.