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"Basic" Set

"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set
"Basic" Set

Last modified: 22 Dec 2017 Author: Pokerpopup

Main characteristics

  • Discipline: Cash, MTT, MTSNG, SNG
  • Game Option: NL, PLO
  • Table Option: SH, FR
  • Recommended limits: Micro, Medium, High
  • Hud in this kit: Positional

  • The "BASIC" kit includes:

  • Hud: 1 pc.
  • Indicators of statistics in Hud: 800 pcs.
  • Pop Ups: 6 pcs.
  • Statistics for Pop Up: 600 pcs.

  • "Basic" contains positional hud for preflop and postflop. For one player per table you will get a 189 stats! You will not be playing with this HUD with a slight +EV but rather will simply crush the low limits by ruthlessly exploiting opponent's weaknesses. Basic Pop Ups are included in the package, composed in pleasant dark tones, in 6 pairs, about 400 statistics are collected, which will help you easily beat even the most difficult opponents. For more information, you should check "User's Guide"

    Additional Advantages:

  • Development of new kits from scratch.
  • Modifications of allready made kits.
  • The possibility of complete interchangeability of kits from other statistical programs.
  • Website:


    Skype: funpokerrr