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"Contrast" Set

"Contrast" Set
"Contrast" Set
"Contrast" Set
"Contrast" Set
"Contrast" Set
"Contrast" Set

Last modified: 22 Dec 2017 Author: Pokerpopup

Main characteristics

  • Discipline: MTT, MTSNG, SNG
  • Game Option: NL
  • Table Option: SH, FR
  • Recommended limits: Low, Medium, High
  • Hud in this kit: Positional

  • The "CONTRAST" kit includes:

  • Hud: 1 pc.
  • Indicators of statistics in Hud: 185 pcs.
  • Pop Ups: 5 pcs.
  • Statistics for Pop Up: 260 pcs.

  • "Contrast" is containing Pop Ups and Hud for the tournament games. Here all the most necessary stats are collected to build the correct strategy of the game, both for pre-flop and post-flop. It is important to know the frequency of 3bets or re-steels of your opponents on preflop, as well as the frequency of how much they fold to donks or check-raise. Thus, adjusting to the opponent's style of playing, you will always be one step ahead. You will always have an answer to his continuation bets, you will know when he value bets, and when he bluffs. All information about your opponent will be as in the palm of your hand. A positional Hud will accurately determine the style of the opponent's game when there is no time to open Pop Up, as the indicators vary depending on the position of you and your opponents, which gives more accurate information in a particular situation.

    Additional Advantages:

  • Development of new kits from scratch.
  • Modifications of allready made kits.
  • The possibility of complete interchangeability of kits from other statistical programs.
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    Skype: funpokerrr