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"Inner Pro" Set

"Inner Pro" Set
"Inner Pro" Set
"Inner Pro" Set

Last modified: 22 Dec 2017 Author: Pokerpopup

Main characteristics

  • Discipline: Cash and Zoom
  • Game Option: NL
  • Table Option: SH
  • Recommended limits: Medium, High
  • Hud in this kit: Positional

  • The "INNER PRO" kit includes:

  • Hud: 1 pc.
  • Pop Ups: 1 pc.

  • "Inner Pro" is positional hud for preflop and postflop. "Inner Pro" retained the main "Inner Basic" functionality, but at the same time was equipped with tabs-switches, which contain a lot of information on different types of spots. Indicators of 3bet and 4 bet pots was compactly placed in new tabs and added in them not only information about the postflop game of the opponent, but also new preflop indicators. Such powerful hud will allow you to play comfortably without even opening Pop Ups. But when you need them you can open convenient Pop Up, where the only important and accurate information about the opponent is collected.

    Additional Advantages:

  • Development of new kits from scratch.
  • Modifications of allready made kits.
  • The possibility of complete interchangeability of kits from other statistical programs.
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    Skype: funpokerrr