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ProTools PokerMaster HUD

ProTools PokerMaster HUD
ProTools PokerMaster HUD
ProTools PokerMaster HUD
ProTools PokerMaster HUD
ProTools PokerMaster HUD
ProTools PokerMaster HUD

Last modified: 2 Jul 2018 Author: ProTools


Dynamic HUD with Dynamic Stats for using in PokerMaster room.
Ready-to-use HUDs and popups for 6-9max and Heads-Up, as well as a large number of required stats in Pro.Tools will allow you to better understand the players and more often make the right decisions.

Types of HUDs in Pro.Tools package

  • Static HUDs: Same HUD for all players at the table, HUD like in HM2 and PT4.
    Positional HUDs: Different HUD For players before and after you.
    Classic positional HUDs for 6/9max tables are available for editing.
    Positional HUDs for multi-tabling (compact HUD allowing to play on a big number of tables).
    Position Heads-Up HUD for starting 6/9max tables.
    Positional HUD with multiple levels of stats: HUDs have different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
    In HUDe accurate statistics when there are samples, if there are no samples then the player has common statistics.
    HUD with TABs: HUD can be changed manually depending on the actions on the table.
    This HUD also has different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
    Dynamic HUD with Dynamic Stats and badges: HUD is changing depending of the actions at the table.
    Dynamic stats: HUD automaticaly will have more accurate stats if will be samples.
    Badges appear in the HUD, depending of the players actions and shows preflop and postflop leaks.

By purchasing Pro.Tools you get all the HUDs.

Available statistics

  • Preflop Stats: All preflop stats for Straddle and non-Straddle tables.
    Total stats: Total preflop stats IP/OOP and for Positions EP/MP/CO/BTN/SB/BB/SD.
    All postflop stats Call3bet/4bet/Call4bet/5bet are in ranges form.
    Postflop stats: Total postflop stats, Total postflop stats PFR/Caller/3bet/Call3bet and Positional postflop stats.

We are actively working to improve and add more interesting features for the game,
so in the collections Pro.Tools you can find the necessary for yourself stats and functionality.
Contact us and we will tell you what's new for playing and using statistics.
(Updates in Pro.Tools are free )


  • Exploitation users guide/Manual: What stats to use?: Preview (ENG) / Preview (RUS)
    Guide how to use weaks of your opponens and which stats you can use to maximise your profit
  • Import HUD from Hm2 to Hand2Note
    We will make import of HUD that you use in Hm2 to Hand2Note and you will have your HUD in Hand2Note and popups from Pro.Tools package (for free/no extra money)
  • Discounts for Notecaddy Pro.Tools and Hand2Note Pro.Tools users
    For those who bought early Pro.Tools for Hm2 and Hand2Note discounts are available

Video YouTube
Positional HUD:
Dynamic HUD:

Additional information about HUDs and Pro.Tools collection on

Description of HUD: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
Description of usage of pop-ups: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
List of badges: Description pdf (ENG) / Description pdf (RUS)



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