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"Valiant" Package (ENG)

"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)
"Valiant" Package (ENG)

Last modified: 23 Jan 2018 Author: Pokerpopup


«Valiant» Package (ENG) contains Pop Ups helping to solve a lot of complex and marginal situations in which you need to adapt your calling and betting ranges taking into account your own image. And also with preflop statistics, you will be able to intercept initiative immediately on pre-flop, which is quite important since it is easier to steal banks applying pressure from the get-go. Same as on pre-flop when you are playing post-flop, knowing detailed information on all the streets and the percentage of money won on showdown you will be able to build your lines so that you can collect the maximum value from your opponents. Also, the cash games on the SH and FR tables with a light colored background of Pop Ups will be much more enjoyable. And with "VALIANT" HUD that is tied to Pop Ups will become not only pleasant but also easy to play. HUD contains 70 stat. A convenient structure of 2 blocks will allow you to easily perceive the information that the tracker gives you. Logically marked with color indicators - will be easily visible and understandable. And due to positional HUD, the indicators will become even more accurate right at the table and allow you to save the time that you would spend on opening Pop Ups.

Main characteristics

  • Hud in this set: Positional
  • Numbers of Huds: 1 pc. (70 indicators of statistics)
  • Numbers of Pop Ups: 5 pc. (330 indicators of statistics)

  • Our additional services

  • Versatility (Possibility of full transfer of PT4 and XM2 kits)
  • Combination (Ability to combine sets with each other)
  • Design (Order a color scheme individually or choose from ready-made ones)
  • Editing (The ability to add, remove or order the refactoring of stat blocks individually for you)
  • Support (We will answer any questions regarding our products)
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