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Inner "Dynamic" HUD

Inner "Dynamic" HUD
Inner "Dynamic" HUD

Last modified: 14 Feb 2018 Author: Pokerpopup


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The "Inner Dynamic" kit includes:

  • Pop Ups: 1 pcs.

  • ""Inner Dynamic" Set" is a dynamic HUD, created on the basis of the Inner Pro HUD. Not much significant changes were made in comparison with original HUD. The amount of information stayed almost the same, but now it has become even more accessible and convenient. When you look at the HUD of your opponent - you will see only the information that you need in this game situation. And even more, information will vary depending on your opponent's actions during the distribution after each move!

    Additional Advantages:

  • Development of new kits from scratch.
  • Modifications of allready made kits.
  • The possibility of complete interchangeability of kits from other statistical programs.
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    Skype: funpokerrr