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Grinders Masters Hud

Grinders Masters Hud
Grinders Masters Hud
Grinders Masters Hud
Grinders Masters Hud
Grinders Masters Hud

Last modified: 6 Apr 2018 Author: grindershud

Grinders HUD - poker software, created for professional players and those who seriously decided to earn poker.

There are two HUDs supporting 6-max and 10-max tables. Containing more than 40 pop-ups and more than 16,000 custom stats. Powered by PokerStars.

1.Grinders Hud Position - is an innovative format that displays up-to-date statistics depending on the positions, relative to the Hero
Grinders Hud Simple - in the familiar HM2 format and Poker Tracker designed specifically for Pokermasters, taking into account the position of straddle
Pop's up: In order to select the most profitable line you don’t need to run around whole pop’s up with your eyes. We combined all the stats into special blocks along the lines. Each alternative direction of the development of the game is allocated by a separate block and completely finishes the distribution line.For convenience, the stats have the color of the street, on which they end, and also, next there is the mini chart, which shows the strength of the hand. The block system allows you to quickly perceive information, read the faces of opponents and consider the most profitable options for the winning.

Detailed stats in late positions: Extended grid Steal and Re-Steal in different saizings, preflop charts and post-flop specifically in these positions will allow you to benefit in almost any situation. For all stats, beside, the values vs. are automatically displayed. Hero after dialing the desired number of samples. This allows you to more effectively adapt to the game of the opponent.

Advanced statistics of boards textures taking into account outgoing cards on the following streets, will bring your adzhasting to a whole new level.



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from $50 / $20 per month

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