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"Shtorm" Package (ENG)

"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)
"Shtorm" Package (ENG)

Last modified: 4 May 2018 Author: Pokerpopup


«Shtorm» Package (ENG) contains Pop Ups and HUD for the tournament games. All statistics are collected as compactly and voluminously as possible. To save time on thinking in different situations and building a pre-flop or post-flop play line, the use of this kit is simply necessary. The ability to predict the actions of an opponent is extremely important in order not to give away chips to light 3bets and not to fold to continuation bets when opponent bluffs too much every time. Statistics in the Pop Ups will help to win even the most hopeless pots. The kit includes 1 paneled positional HUD, with 34 stats in it which is enough for taking quick and simple decisions but most important right ones when playing tournament games.

Main characteristics

  • Hud in this set: Positional
  • Numbers of Huds: 1 pc. (34 indicators of statistics)
  • Numbers of Pop Ups: 7 pc. (345 indicators of statistics)

  • Our additional services

  • Versatility (Possibility of full transfer of PT4 and XM2 kits)
  • Combination (Ability to combine sets with each other)
  • Design (Order a color scheme individually or choose from ready-made ones)
  • Editing (The ability to add, remove or order the refactoring of stat blocks individually for you)
  • Support (We will answer any questions regarding our products)
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    Skype: funpokerrr



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