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SpinLife HUD
SpinLife HUD
SpinLife HUD
SpinLife HUD
SpinLife HUD

Last modified: 10 Jun 2018 Author: durrr


The market is full of Spin&Goes HUD's, developed by developers, who don't even play this format. This HUD developed by a long time full-time grinder, who knows which stats are relevant. Simple design and comfortable HUD easily fit on tables. HUD was tested by comparing stats with other trackers and by playing, it has no bugs (a lot of h2n spin hud's on market has VPIP bugs).





FvCB – Fold to Cbet

FvLCB – Fold to Cbet (limp pot)

RvCB – Raise Cbet

PROBE - OOP player Bets turn after flop was check/check

+BET R – and continues on river after probe turn was called

FvBXB – Fold to bet check bet

XXB R – Flop and Turn was check/check and OOP player Bets on river

LCB – Cbet (Limp pot)

FCBvR – Fold to raise after cbet

XXF R – Flop and Turn was checked, shows how much IP player will fold to River bet

BvX – Bet vs missed Cbet

BvXX T+R – Bet Turn after OOP double check flop and turn +R continues on river

Ch/fold – Skip cbet and check/fold


If something unfamiliar you can always ask.


It is possible for additional price edit hud by client wishes. (contact me email)

Buying for group of peoples will be discount (contact me email)


98$ for lifetime licension.





How to install a profile?

Press Download on the required profile and copy files to the root Hand2Note folder

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