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GT New Simple HUD

GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD
GT New Simple HUD

Last modified: 16 Sep 2017 Author: pro.h2n

New Simple and Adaptive Simple contain more than 6000 statistic indicators thanks to which you will be able to play more efficiently against any opponent and build the most beneficial game lines. With the help of the extended statistics you will be able to find the weaknesses of your opponents and deduce value from them while increasing your winrate.

New Simple HUD is fully compatible with PokerStars rules!
  • Display of statistics in the HUD according to the positions and in relation to your position at the table;
  • Different HUDs depending on the number of hands for an opponent;
  • Advanced preflop / postflop statistics with an increase of hands for an opponent;
  • Advanced positional stats when playing against Regular players only;
  • Reacting at different steal sizes at late positions;
  • Statistics on different texture boards;
  • Reacting at different continuation bets;
  • Total Bets, Folds, and Wins at River;
  • Additional automatic information for every stat;
  • Convenient and compact pop-ups: Examples of pop-ups;
  • A great collection of HUDs that keeps being supplemented;
  • Clear representation and understanding of opponents games due to detailed statistics;
  • Possibility to analyze your game and opponents on all game lines;
  • Detailed Installation and Presetting manual.
  • New Simple HUD_6-9max(easy) - is a static HUD for playing 6-max and 9-max tables (one level of stats);
  • New Simple HUD_6-9max - is a positional HUD with two levels of stats: Total stats on unknown and little-known players and Positional stats for regular players;
  • New Simple HUD_6max(advanced) - is a positional HUD with advanced statistics displayed at 6-max tables (two levels of stats);
  • New Simple HUD_3-10max - is a positional HUD with three levels of stats and automatic substitution of Position vs  Position stat when there is a sample;
  • Adaptive Simple HUD_3-10max - is a simplified version of adaptive dynamics. It works positionally (three levels of stats);
  • hu-cash hud - is a positional HUD for playing at 2max;
  • hu-cash hud(easy) - is a simplified version for playing at 2max.
  • Filters/Stats - 7015pcs
  • ExpressionStats - 350pcs




This HUD suits both beginners and professional players who would like to feel comfortable at the tables and receive accurate indicators regarding regular opponents. You will also have a chance to analyze games outside of tables on all game lines. Thanks to the 9 carefully chosen board textures, you will always be able to compare usual Postflop stats with the board texture you got. Positional stats will allow you to see the game separately at early positions, at late positions, early vs late, and many others.


We take into account all users’ wishes and regularly supplement our set with necessary functions, stats, and badges.
We offer our help in installing and presetting Hand2Note/New Simple. To do that, you need to have an updated version of TeamViewer, and headphones with a microphone.
When buying unlimited package → second license as a gift!




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