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Hand2Note vs Holdem Manager 2 (HM2) and PokerTracker (PT4) comparison


Poker Tracker 4 Holdem Manager 2
+ NoteCaddy
HUD yes yes yes
Popups yes yes yes
Reports yes yes yes
Player analysis yes yes yes
Statistics customization yes yes, in NoteCaddy yes
Hand2Note has all the features required by a professional poker player.


Static HUD yes yes yes
Positional HUD no no yes
Dynamic HUD no no yes, except PokerStars
Hand2Note displays only relevant statistics for current situation in hand.


Popups with statistics yes yes yes
Complex elements in popups
(ranges, hand lists, inner tabs, notes etc)
no no yes
Hand2Note provides high quality data visualization.


Text notes yes yes yes
Inserting hands into notes no no yes
Note templates no no yes
Notes on stats no no yes
Autonotes yes yes, in NoteCaddy no
Hand2Note has the most advanced note taking system on the market.

Data visualization

Preflop range visualization for each stat no yes, in NoteCaddy yes
Mixed preflop range visualization no no yes
Postflop range visualization no yes, in NoteCaddy yes
Hand strength separation customization no no yes
Weak hands percentage in postflop ranges no no yes


Stats vs-Hero yes yes yes
Automatic extra statistics on each stat no no yes
Bet sizing distribution on each stat no no yes
Hero’s stats in opponent eyes no yes, in NoteCaddy yes
Statistics customization flexibility medium very high high
Statistics customization complexity very difficult difficult easy
Excluding “reg-vs-fish” spots from a sample no no yes
Hand2Note is highly customizable and easy to setup.

Games analysis

Number of different reports high very high medium
Reports depending on fish count and their position regarding hero no no yes
Players pool analysis no no yes
Action Profit no yes, in NoteCaddy yes
Distribution of Action Profit by hand strengths no no yes
Spot frequencies no no yes
Simultaneous multiple player analysis no no yes
Hand2Note provides a wide range of tools to analyze your game and the game of other players.


Import speed low high in HM2, low in NoteCaddy very high
Complex popup opening delay medium medium high
Replayer opening delay medium medium high
System requirements medium medium in HM, high in NoteCaddy medium
Database size high high small
Hand2Note provides much higher performance than competitors’ products.


Hands with showdowns on each stat are available during the game no yes, in NoteCaddy but limited yes
Graphs are displayed right into player’s popup no no yes
Brief hand visualization no no yes
Unwatched showdowns indicator on fishes no no yes
Replayer full customization no no yes
Omaha support yes yes yes
Supported poker rooms main + large amount of small rooms main + large amount of small rooms only main

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