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FAQ. Database

‒ Does Hand2Note use PostgreSQL?

Yes, Hand2Note uses PostgreSQL to store statistical data. However, Hand2Note doesn't require PostgreSQL installed on your PC. Hand2Note by default uses its own bundled database server, so you don't need to worry about PostgreSQL at all

‒ Why Hand2Note uses its own bundled PostgreSQL server?

  • 1. Simplicity of the first usage is a key reason. Installing and connecting to database server is complicated operation for new users.
  • 2. Many users have PostgreSQL version 8.4 which is very outdated in 2019. Versions 9.4+ give several advantages regarding performance to Hand2Note.
  • 3. Other software often automatically changes PostgreSQL settings and it may cause some conflicts with Hand2Note.
  • 4. Installing PostgreSQL silently during application installation dialog is not recommended by PostgreSQL creators

‒ How I can use my own PostgreSQL server

You may switch database server in Configuration -> Database

‒ Where Hand2Note stores its data?

Database is stored by default in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Hand2Note\h2ndb. Notes are stored in Notes folder in the root Hand2Note folder. Marked Hands are stored in MarkedHands folder.

‒ How to move database directory to another disk or directory?

  • 1. Open Configuration -> Database
  • 2. Press Open Folder
  • 3. Copy opened directory contents to the target directory
  • 4. Press Change Folder in Configuration -> Database
  • 5. Select target directory and wait until Hand2Note restarts
  • 6. Delete old directory. It should be located at C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Hand2Note\h2ndb

‒ How to make database maintenance?

You may do maintenance using PgAdmin, which is distributed with Hand2Note and may be started in Hand2Note/pgsql/pgAdmin3.exe. However, modern versions of PostgreSQL make maintenance automatically. In most cases you don't need to do it manually. Only in exceptional situations.

‒ How to connect to database using PgAdmin?

  • 1. Start Hand2Note
  • 2. Go to Configuration -> Databases
  • 3. Disable Connect to custom server and then Activate an existing database
  • 4. Start file Hand2Note/pgsql/bin/pgadmin3.exe
  • 5. Press Add new connection to server
  • 6. Enter Name=h2nserver, Host=localhost, Port=5318 and press OK
  • 7. Done! Server h2nserver should appear in the list of available servers

‒ How to copy my players notes to another computer?

Notes are not stored in database. Just copy Notes folder.

‒ Can I import hand histories from my existing database in HoldemManager or PokerTracker?

Yes you may use Import From Side Database dialog to import hand histories from HM2 or PT4 database