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Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis in Hand2Note is a set of features intended to analyze effectiveness of your decisions in different spots. We consider these features as one of the most valuable parts of Hand2Note.

Decision analysis available only with EDGE subscription.

Currently it includes the following features:

  • - Action Profit
  • - Spot Frequency
  • - Next Villains Actions

Action Profit

Action Profit shows how profitable your decisions are in each spot.

Action Profit
Fig. 1. Action Profit of continuation bet out of position which could be found in Stat Info popup on the stat. Each my continuation bet gave me an average profit 2.88 bb and 1.44 bb each time I did a bet with weak hand.

What does Action Profit mean?

If Action Profit is greater than zero on a specific stat then your actions are profitable (but not necessary optimal, because other available actions could give you more profit)

If Action Profit is negative then this action is -EV for you and you should consider folding in these situations.

For example, on the Fig. 1 above you may see that continuation bet with bluff on the flop gives profit in average 1.44 big blinds but dispersion is quite high and equals 17bb.

How Action Profit is calculated?

Action Profit of a specific action in a specific hand equals the difference between our stack size at the end of the hand and our stack size right before the action. In other words, it equals amount of money our stack size receives until the end of the hand. If we fold then our stack size will be the same until the end of the hand and therefore Action Profit of fold is always zero.

Spot Frequency

Spot frequency shows how often occurs a specific spot.

Spot Frequency
Fig. 2. Spot Frequency on the stat CONTINUATION BET FLOP OOP on me. I did a continuation bet 5.34 times per each 1000 hands. And I had an opportunity to make a continuation bet 6.45 times per each 1000 hands

Cases shows how often you did the action and Opportunities shows how often you could do the action.

This value gives you understanding on how important a specific spot is in comparison with other spots.

Next Villain's Actions

Next Viallin's Actions values show how your opponents react to your actions. For example, on fig. 3 on the stat CHECK RAISE you may see that your opponents folded in 42% of cases, called 45% and raised 13%.

BX means Bet and Check. For example, on stat 4Bet IP Next Villain's Actions will show how your opponents Donk and Check when called your 4bet out of position.

Next Villain Actions statistics
Fig. 3. Next Villain's Actions on the stat CHECK RAISE. My opponents folded 42% cases, called 45% and raised 13% against my check raise