Hand2Note - Hand2Note Affiliate System


If you have any questions, please, contact us by support@hand2note.com

Hand2Note Affiliate System

How affiliate system works?

    1st way:
  • 1. You publish your affiliate link which refers to our website hand2note.com
  • 2. User clicks on your link
  • 3. Browser saves your AffiliateId into cookies
  • 4. When user purchases Hand2Note he becomes bound to you as affiliate and you receive commissions from his first and all next payments for subscription.
    2nd way:
  • 1. You somehow tell user your promo code
  • 2. User enters your promo code while he is purchasing subscription for the first time. He receives 10% discount but only for the first purchase
  • 3. After he did a payment he becomes bound to you as affiliate and you receive commissions from his all payments for subscription
Every affiliate may use both methods at the same time.

Cookies are stored for 90 days. If user buys program in 91 days or later after he clicked on your affiliate link then he is not treated as affiliated by you

If user clicked on AffiliateA link and then clicked on AffiliateB link then user is treated as affiliated by AffiliateA

If user clicked on AffiliateA link and then purchased subscription with AffiliateB promo code then he is treated as affiliated by AffiliateB


‒ How to become affiliate?

Everyone can become an affiliate. Register on our website hand2note.com and then register as affiliate

‒ How much the commission is?

25% lifetime is standard commission for our affiliates.

‒ How to check my commissions?

All required data you may check in the Affiliate Dashboard

‒ How payouts are going?

We make commission payouts at the beginning of each month

‒ How 10% promo code discount affects my commission?

If user pays 10$ for subscription then you receive 2.5$ commission. So, promo code discount doesn't affect your comissions.

Commercial Stats Packages

You also may become a commercial package author and publish your products in our Shop. More info...