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Protecting config and publishing packages in the shop

In Hand2Note you may create your own package of stats including HUDs and Popups and share it with others

How to protect config from uncontrolled distribution?

Hand2Note allows you to encode files of your stats so that another person can't share it with others without your perdition.

    To lock config do the following steps:
  • 1. Start Hand2Note/LockConfig.exe
  • 2. Fill required fields in the dialog
  • 3. Done!

Folders with encoded files will be created and then you may share it with others.

Here is how LockConfig.exe dialog looks like

AuthorId Your ID in Account Profile
PackID Unique id of your package. You should create PackId by yourself. It should be unique among your other packages. It will not be visible to user
Pack Title Title of your package. It will be shown for user in a stat description
Lock by max Big Blind size Allows you to specify the maximum big blind in cash games where user can use your package
Lock by max Buy-In Allows you to specify the maximum buy-in of tournaments where user can use your package
Hide filters details in editor If true then user can't nigher see stats' details in Stats Editor nor edit stats for its own purpose
Hide auto descriptions of filters If true then user will not able to see description of the stats. Setting this option is not recommended because it will be too hard to figure out meanings of the stats
Hide display Conditions in Hud Editor If true then Display Condition of cells will be hidden in HUD editor
Totally hide HUDs and Popups in editor If true then your package details will be completely hidden in HUD/Popup/Stats editors. Not recommended.

Only stats are encoded. We believe this is enough to effectively protect your whole config.

The risk of ineligible package copy is usually overestimated by authors so they hide completely its implementation from users. Keep in mind that people who have knowledge and time to copy all your stats usually have enough knowledge and time to make HUD by themselves or copy your package even if you hide details in editors.

How to give package to another person?

1. Prepare all your files. Give another person all necessary files along with encoded files with stats. Follow our FAQ page about moving config to another computer.

2. Go to Account Profile and enter users's email and PackId. Then press Sell Package

‒ Can I disable license for a user?

Yes. Enter user's email, PackId and press Remove License button in Profile page

User should have active or expired BEGGINER or higher subscription. Users who have trial license or micro stakes free version can't use your protected packages

How to publish package in the official shop?

Please, contact us by email if you wish to publish your package in our Shop

When we approve your request then you will be able to create product.

Official package shop publication requirements

The rules below have been created in order to maintain visual attractiveness and readability for users from different market segments

  • 1. Don't use special characters like "_*[].()$&?." in Title. Usage of "." is prohibited too.
  • 2. Don't use abbreviations unfamiliar for newbies. Use only abbreviations which are present in the poker room client such as SNG, MTT. Exclusion is if an abbreviation represents brand name of your package
  • 3. The first image should have size at least 640x480
  • 4. Most space of first image should contain visual representation of statistics which is unique to your package
  • 5. Provide at least 5 screenshots of your package
  • 6. Description should contain objective information about main distinctions of your package from others. Avoid sentences like "The best package."
  • 7. Provide at least one support contact in Product Form
  • 8. Create one main product and several sub products which are slightly different from each other by, for example, max big blind.
  • 9. You may create several main products if they have significant differences. For example, they are intended for different game types
  • 10. The products order in shop catalog depends on total sales for the last month and is beign updated each month
  • 11. If you provide a link to your website in product description then prices on your website should not be lower than prices on your products in hand2note official shop
  • 12. If your package contains features which are not allowed on PokerStars then you should make significant attention on it in the description