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FAQ. Poker HUD

‒ HUD is not updating. What should I do?

  • 1. Ensure that you use English version of poker client
  • 2. Ensure that saving hand histories is enabled in poker client
  • 3. Go to Configuration/HUD/Autoimport and ensure that Hand2Note autoimports hands from the directory specified in poker client settings.

If nothing helped then

  • 1. Enable logging in Configuration/System/Logging
  • 2. Play several hands with HUD missing
  • 3. Close Hand2note
  • 4. Archive Hand2Note folder
  • 5. Send it to our email

‒ How to change HUD's opacity?

By default, background of all cells is set by color template. You may change template opacity in HUD or Popup editor like shown below

If you don't use template than you have to select every cell and set its background opacity manually

‒ How to show nickname in HUD?

In order to show nickname in HUD:
  • 1. Open HUD Editor
  • 2. Click by right mouse button on a table's cell where you want to place a nickname
  • 3. In context menu select Insert -> Nickname
  • 4. Save Profile
  • 5. Done!

‒ How to activate my HUD profile?

In order to show your HUD profile at the table do the following steps:
  • 1. Go to Configuration -> Game Types
  • 2. Select your Game Type
  • 3. Select your HUD profile in HUD box
  • 4. Press Save
  • 5. Wait until the next hand at the table
  • 6. Done!