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Writing notes in Hand2Note

Hand2Note has the most advanced note taking system among all poker software.

It is designed to solve the following problems faced by almost every player:

  • - Notes become unreadable if you have too many notes on a single player. As a consequence, there is not enough time to find and read a required note for the player during a game
  • - There is not enough time to write down a note if you play many tables
  • - It is often necessary to write some hand into a note, but it takes a lot of time and the result turns out not readable.

Hand2Note solves these problems with 3 features:

1. The fast insertion of a short visual representation of a hand into a note

Note poker hand
Fig. 1. A hand inserted into a note

2. The ability to insert a previously created template in a note in two clicks. This is useful because you often have to write a lot of similar notes for different players

Note template
Fig.2. Notes template selection dialog box

3. The ability to write notes directly on a distinct stat. You may create several note groups for different game situations. It significantly simplifies finding required notes on a required spot.

Note on poker stats

‒ How to insert a hand into a note while not playing?

You can drag a hand holding a right mouse button and drop it into a note. In the same way you can drag and drop a hand into a note on stats

‒ How to divide notes into groups (for example, for a flop, for a turn and so on)?

You need to open the Popup Editor and insert Notes Group object in a popup for each group of notes.

‒ Where notes are stored and how they can be copied to another computer?

Notes are stored in the folder “Notes” in the root directory of Hand2Note. By default, the root directory is: C:/Program Files/Hand2Note