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Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD

What is PokerMaster?

PokerMaster is a unique chinese fast growing poker room significantly different from others.

    Its key differences:
  • - Only Android and iOS poker clients are available
  • - High stakes: games are from NL 400¥ (1$ = 6.6¥) to NL 60,000¥ with ante and deep stack sizes. Omaha is also available
  • - Many weak players
  • - Registration is available only through specialized affiliates
  • - Most players play without HUD
PokerMaster Hand2Note HUD

What features Hand2Note provides at PokerMaster?

    The key features of Hand2Note HUD on PokerMaster are the following:
  • - HUD is fully integrated meaning Hand2Note recognizes PokerMaster as a separate poker room.
  • - The HoldemManager HUD support. You may use Hand2Note as a hand history converter and autoimport hands into HM/PT and show its own HUD.
  • - Full straddle support and customizable straddle stats. You may create stats like 3-Bet From Straddle or Steal Straddle From BB in Hand2Note and display it only for the player seating at the straddle and big blind positions respectively. More information about Positional HUD and statistics customization.
  • - All winnings reports, graphs, results etc. are displayed in yuans (¥).
  • - Gathering and saving hand histories in “Observer” mode when Hero is not seating at the table.
  • - Fully supported Positional and Dynamic HUD.

Note! Gathering hand histories in “Observer” mode, Positinal and Dynamic HUD are available only for HYPER subscribers.

Getting Started

    To get started with Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD, please, do the following steps:
  • 1. Download and install Hand2Note version or above.
  • 2. Install Android emulator and download PokerMaster.
  • 3. Start Hand2Note.
  • 4. Login into PokerMaster, i.e. enter your credentials.
  • 5. Open any table and HUD should appear immediately.

How to register at PokerMaster?

    Registration at PokerMaster is available only through specialized affiliates. Here are the list of verified and recommended affiliates:
  • - (English and Russian)
  • - All Poker Deals (English and Spanish)

Frequenly Asked Questions

‒ Where Hand2Note saves hand histories?

By default, Hand2Note saves hand histories into C:/PokerMasterHh

‒ Do I need to login into PokerMaster each time I open it on my phone?

You just need to keep Hand2Note opened each time you are entering your credentials into poker client. You don’t need to re-login each time you close and open poker client.

‒ Do I need to purchase Hand2Note subscription in order to use HUD at PokerMaster?

No. You don’t need to buy Hand2Note. Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD subscription will be enough.


‒ HUD doesn't appear and "Re-login required" is NOT visible in the main window.

It means Hand2Note doesn't recognize network traffic from PokerMaster at all.
  • Try to uninstall antivirus and reboot computer.
  • Try to install the following .
  • Try to change the internet connection, for example, to smartphone internet shared connection.

‒ HUD doesn't appear and “Re-login required” marker is always shown in the main window.

  • 1. Please, ensure that you entered your credentials into pokermaster while Hand2Note was opened.
  • 2. Ensure that you use the last Hand2Note version.
  • 4. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable 2015. If you have newer version installed then uninstall it and install version provided above.
  • 5. If nothing helps, please, send us your C:/Program Files/Hand2Note/logs folder archived to