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FAQ. Subscription

‒ How to increase/decrease subscription limits?

To change your subscription limit, you should buy in addition at least 1 month of a subscription for the desirable limit.

‒ What will happen with remaining days of my subscription upon purchasing a subscription for another limit?

Your remained days will be recalculated automatically according to prices of the current and the new subscription. For example, if you have BEGINNER subscription for $9.99 and buy EDGE for $39, then we will divide by 4 your remaining days of the BEGINNER subscription and add them to the new EDGE subscription.

‒ I'm going away for a week. Whether it is possible to freeze a subscription?

Currently, we have no possibility to freeze your subscription

‒ Whether it is possible to buy a lifetime license?

At the moment, we do not provide lifetime subscriptions.

‒ I have bought a commercial HUD package and have paid a BEGINNER subscription for 1 month. Whether I need to pay constantly for the subscription to use the pack, if I play nl25?

To use a commercial pack, it is enough to activate your subscription at least once. Then it isn't necessary to pay for the subscription.

‒ Whether it is possible to build statistics if my subscription is inactive?

If your subscription has expired, Hand2Note will build statistics only for hands not above nl25. If you have built statistics while the subscription was inactive, then you will need to rebuild the statistics after activation of the subscription.

‒ Does trial have full functionality?

Hand2Note provides full functionality in trial mode except Range Research.

‒ How to activate a free subscription for nl25?

You don’t need an activation. After your trial period expires, you can continue to use Hand2Note in Micro Stakes mode as before.