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Buf Fixes

  • - On PokerStars some play money tournaments are treated as played for dollars (rebuild stats is required).
  • - In replayer HUD mistakenly shown on a player at a preferred seat
  • - In Marked Hands window if replayer is called then navigation list of marked hands is not available.
  • - In short visual representation date played is not shown.
  • - Some occasional crashes.

  • - Ipoker Twister tournaments are not being imported into the database.
  • - Won From Hero miscalculated if user uploads hands of another Hero.
  • - Preflop/posflop diagrams are not shown if user plays with hand history converter.
  • - In replayer HUD hidden due to player's fold doesn't become visible after playing hand backward.
  • - Additional popup on stat closes too slow starting from
  • - In Rooms options the time shift range is expanded to [-23; 23].


Main Changes

    1. Replayer improved:
  • - Added a list of hands from a context of a current hand improving navigation convenience.
  • - Added buttons Move to Street, Move to Showdown
  • - Added pot odds.
  • - Added equity on each street.
Hand2Note 3.2 replayer Pic. 1. Hand2Note 3.2 replayer with extended navigation.

2. Postflop and preflop diagrams are available in textual mode while playing live on PokerStars. This feature fits PokerStars third party tools rules.

Hand2Note 3.2 diagrams on PokerStars Pic. 2. Postflop diagram in textual mode completely allowed on PokerStars.

3. Last showdown is shown right in the HUD at the table: board, known cards and equity.

    4. Reports are improved:
  • - Saving and loading filters from hard disk along with navigation through last applied filters is available now.
  • - Added Rake column.
  • - Improved Positions and Actions filter tabs design.
  • - Added filter option Regular Table.
  • - Fixed Preflop Range filter logic: if you select whole range then only hands with showdown will be filtered.
  • - Game types in reports are split by currency.

5. Significantly improved interface performance on slow video cards.

6. Added simplified statistics profile by default. Official Hand2Note statistics package was added to the shop.

Hand2Note Official Package Short-handed
Pic. 3. Open Raise tab with stats facing 3-bet in official Hand2Note package for 6-max players.

Other changes

  • - Minimal scale HUD value to restrict HUD scaling at small tables.
  • - Into short visual representation of a hand added effective stack size of a player on each street.
  • - In Range Research added ability to filter players by alias.
  • - In Range Research added ability to export preflop range to Cardrunners EV, SimplePostflop etc. with different weight calculation methods.
  • - Table Optimizer integration added to support positional and Zoom HUD on PokerStars (requires Table Optimizer update).
  • - In Expression Stats now you can use ActionProfit function.
  • - In Stats Editor in test window added total opportunities count and total stat value.
  • - In Popup/HUD Editor added ability to assign popup on a badge.
  • - KingsConverter integration added.
  • - In Config - Other Options - License added a list of purchased package and amount of package subscription days left.
  • - In Popup Editor for a cell added options Show auto-vs-Hero in scopes, Substitute by auto-vs-Hero.
  • - Lists of hands are optimized: obtained lower height and upload hands from database gradually while scrolling down.
  • - Auto stat descriptions now take less area by adding alternative action row expanding/collapsing button.
  • - Into Preflop Diagram settings -> Actions Profit added groups Offsuited Connectors and K8-K9, A8-AT.
  • - If HUD scaling is active then HUD elements shift is not equal to a mouse position shift.
  • - In Range Research no players are found by expression AmountWon(all hands) > 0.
  • - Game type CAP sometimes treated as No Limit.
  • - On Pacific Network HUD positions are miscalculated on 9-max table while playing without 888Caption
  • - On Pacific Network pocket hand is misread if player mucked his cards.
  • - On PartyPoker tournament prizes sometimes are misread.
  • - On PartyPoker in tournaments blind sizes are misread at the late stage.
  • - Some hand histories are not completed though are loaded into Hand2Note causing report data distortion.
  • - On PokerStars in Knockout tournaments buy-in sizes are miscalculated.
  • - On PokerStars in freerolls buy-in size sometimes is miscalculated.
  • - On PokerStars Beat the Clock tournaments are treated as cash games.
  • - On PokerStars tournaments ZOOM PSKO are treated as cash.
  • - On Winning Poker Network players' positions sometimes are miscalculated.
  • - On Winning Poker Network in tournaments sometimes missing HUD.
  • - In reports in preflop range filters if just aces are selected then all hands hit the filter.
  • - Option Show Hero's stats is not available in vertical tabs position.
  • - Main window locates its elements not efficiently its size is reduced significantly.
  • - In Stats Editor option Bet Size / Effective stack size doesn't work.
  • - In Config - Game Types impossible to create new game types, only modifing existing game types work correctly.
  • - In Stats Editor stack size option in M can't be saved.
  • - On IPoker positions are miscalculated if someone posted blinds out of queue.
  • - In 3-max tournaments if one player left a tournament then positions are miscalculated in the next hands causing wrong HUD in the next hand if user doesn't use StarsHelper.
  • - Using a hand history converter causes showdown misinterpretation occasionally leading to increased values of Went to Showdown stat.
  • - Occasional memory leak during online session.