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Main Changes

  • - Added players' stats at the current table. Activate it by right mouse button double click on HUD.
  • - Added Hero's stats at the current table.
  • - Building stats speed was improved significantly.
  • - Tournament summaries import has been implemented giving accurate information about players' winnings in some kind of tournaments, for example, Spin & Go.
  • - In Range Research added a feature to build report on a distinct stat or popup. Report building speed was increased.
  • - HUD in SNAP poker on Pacific Network has been disabled due to the room management request.

Other Changes

30.03.2018 Download
  • - At IPoker Network HUD is not shown after poker client update.

12.02.2018 Download
  • - At PokerMaster HUD doesn't work after the latest update.
  • - In hand's view showdown nickname is still visible when Hide Nicknames option is enabled.

02.02.2018 Download
  • - At PokerMaster the all-ev sometimes miscalculated when some network packets has been lost during the hand.
  • - At PokerMaster sometimes a player at Straddle is treated as a player at UTG2.

28.01.2018 Download
  • - At PokerMaster fixed several situation causing hand losses.

27.01.2018 Download
  • - At PokerMaster at straddle tables hand is lost if no one posted a straddle in 4max+.
  • - Occasionally HUD is now showt at PokerMaster with NOX emulator.

21.01.2018 Download
  • - At PokerMaster significant amount of hand losses have been fixed.
  • - Pot on a street is miscalculated at straddle tables.
  • - PokerMaster subscription is not visible in the main window after entering a license key.

12.01.2018 Download
  • - Nox emulator support for PokerMaster.
  • - Hands on PokerMaster with Returned Bet were not being imported into HM2. To fix the issue, please, create new HM2 database and import only hands converted by Hand2Note

28.10.2017 Download
  • - At Pacific Network HUD in SNAP is still available in some user specific configurations.

19.10.2017 Download
  • - Any kind of preflop charts has been blocked in popups and HUDs due to poker rooms policies compability concerns for ALL ROOMS.
  • - In the Last Hands list at a tournament table all hands are shown including those where all players folded preflop.
  • - The maximum allowed amount of bet sizing settings increased from 31 to 63.
  • - In tournament reports filters by tournament type don't work simultaneously with filters by hand.
  • - On Winamax in some tournaments HUD is shown on the wrong table.
  • - On Pacific Network tournament currency is misread from Tournament Summary, which causes a crash in report selecting a tournament. Stats rebuild is required in order the changes to be apllied.
  • - Critical subscription bug.

  • - Stat Villain Raises, Player Raises, Villain Raises (Player Id = 1) hits only hands where Villain did Open 4-Bet and misses hands where Villain did standard Open Raise and 4-Bet. Fixing this issue may cause unexpected stat values for some stats where user used Player Id logic, because previously the same player couldn't hit both an action with Player Id = 1 and an action with Player Id = 0. Now an action with Player Id = 0 can be hited by any player in a hand.
  • - On PokerStars the positional HUD is not shown sometimes using StarsHelper.
  • - The total sessions length summary is miscalculated in the tournaments sessions window.
  • - Pocket cards are now shown in the vs-Hero postflop diagram popup in the additional popup on a stat.
  • - Some occasional crashes.

  • - Tournaments summaries are not exported during hands export in reports.
  • - In Knockout tournaments ROI is miscalculated.


Bug Fixes

  • - On Winnings Poker Network sometimes fails to build stats.
  • - In Reports tournament type filter occasionally shows incorrect results.

  • - In Pacific Network in SNAP notes icon, nickname and stack sizes are shown.
  • - In Zoom poker HUD is not shown for some users.
  • - Several occasional crashes.

  • - Added stats: Stack size, Effective stack size and Effective stack size vs. Hero's stack size.
  • - Added the new option in preflop and postflop diagrams: Exclude hands from diagram if next villain's action was raise or bet
  • . These options improve accuracy of preflop and postflop ranges because hands where player faced raise or bet and went to showdown "shift" his visible range to the stronger side. Rebuild stats is required to apply changes.
  • - In Configuration - Game Types added ability to split game types by table size.
  • - In replayer pot-odds are shown in percents.
  • - In Configuration - Other - Statistics added option Exclude Play Money hands from stats.
  • - Added filter by day time in reports.
  • - In tournament reports added graphs in chips and big blinds.
  • - For stat Open Limp SB added Next Villain Actions in form of RX (Raise/Check). Now you may look how oftet you are facing raise or check when you did an open limp on SB.
  • - In Range Research Hero's stats are excluded.
  • - The Reg/Fish limp criteria doesn't count hands where player did an open limp from SB because regular players often do a limp from the small blind.
  • - Spot Frequency in the additional popup on a stat is shown per 10000 hands insted of 1000 for better readability.
  • - Occasional hands are lost during the autoimport and archiving.
  • - MISSED DRAW group on the river includes hands where the player had a hand stronger than draw on the turn. Downloading the installer and reinstalling Hand2Note is required to apply changes.
  • - In Range Research in short visual hand represantation player's pocket cards are not shown.
  • - In HUD, if player folded and HUD was hidden then his notes icon also becomes hidden which is very inconvenient.
  • - On PartyPoker sometimes date time is misread.
  • - In replayer pot odds are incorrect if the bet of the previous player exceeds effective stack size of the current player.
  • - HUD sometimes fails to appear at the newly opened tables.
  • - Crash trying to open Configuration or begin import hands if there are 20000+ stats in popups.
  • - Error reading player's nicknames with scandinavian symbols using Table Optimizer.
  • - Crash opening Configuration - Database after pressing Clear Stats
  • - In Stats Editor impossible to correct empty stat name.
  • - Session window refresh doesn't refresh total sessions length and summary.
  • - On Winamax positional HUD sometimes fails to update after a hand.
  • - Error exporting preflop range into the string for Cardrunners EV if in preflop digram options more than 5 cell colors are specified.
  • - Occasional crash opening a replayer from Marked Hands window.
  • - Occasional crash searching stats.
  • - On WPN Cap tables are treated as common tables playing with WPNTools.