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Main Changes

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  • - Added Omaha support.
  • - Added support for different locales of the same poker room, for instanse, and
  • - Added support for multiple heros on a single room. This feature is especially useful on PokerMaster.
  • - Added Indian Rupee support.

Other Changes

26.07.2018 Download
  • - PokerMaster hand history import support for Holdem Manager format.
  • - Windows Defender false positive malware detection.
  • - On Pacific Network freerolls winnings are handled in the wrong way in the reports.
  • - In the replayer in the HUD display options by street take effect only after an action on the street rather than right after the board deal.

13.07.2018 Download
  • - HUD freezes while playing on PokerMaster and other room simultaneously.
  • - In the players list in the main window stats VPIP, PFR are not visibile occasionally (you need to create new database in order to apply changes).

30.06.2018 Download
  • - Amount Won in hand on PokerMaster is always positive. Rebuild stats is required to fix hands with errors obtained with version

29.06.2018 Download
  • - Fixed some hand loss cases on PokerMaster and improved winnings summary precision.

15.06.2018 Download
  • - In Configuration -> Game Types added the option Room allowing to show different HUDs on different poker rooms.
  • - Last Hands now includes hands without Hero with at least 2 non-fold actions.
  • - Significantly decreased hand losses on PokerMaster and improved winnings summary precision.
  • - Last Hands at the table is missing some hands occasionally.
  • - In Reports the option "Straddle" is absent.
  • - In Reports on an alias in the Last Tournaments the hands are not showing up.

15.05.2018 Download
  • - In reports added option Has Straddle.
  • - In Stats Editor added the river board option "4 cards in a row."
  • - In Configuration -> Game Types added Ante option.
  • - PokerMaster: HUD doesn't work completely with some types of internet connection, in particular, PPPOE and VPN
  • - Statistics: Stat with option Hand without Straddle is not built if another stats with option
  • Hand with Straddle
  • is present in the popup or HUD.
  • - Winning Poker Network: HUD on a table with the title "Name" is shown on a table with the title "Name - 1"
  • - Popup Editor: crashes when Stacksize stat is inserted into popup.
  • Statistics: Pair of sixes or lower is always treated as a low pair despite the board. For example, A6 on board T62 was a middle pair in the previous version and now is treated as a low pair.
  • Advanced Stat Popup: In the advanced popup on a stat the bet sizing data set includes cases when the player has never folded against a bet with a particular sizing
  • .