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Main Changes

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  • - Added PokerMaster HUD support.
  • - Added Microgaming support.
  • - PokerKing Asia HUD fix.
  • - MollyGame (PokerKingdom) fix.
  • - Added integrated support for the Dynamic HUD for almost all supported rooms.

    Completely redesigned update system:
  • - increased update download speed, in particular, from China territory;
  • - decreased update files size;
  • - rooms integration automated updates become faster;
  • - update notes are available right in the UI in the Updates dialog;
  • - easy rollback is available through the Updates dialog;
  • - updates become more stable in general;
  • - Added FullTilt support.
  • - Fixed. Short Deck: occasionally hand strength and equity are calculated incorrectly.

01.06.2019 Download
  • - All stats are mistakenly switched to Short Deck game type after stats rebuild for some users.

09.05.2019 Download
  • - Short Deck Hold'em game type is split onto two new game types based on the rules: Trips Beats Straight, Straight Beats Trips.
  • - Asian rooms WePoker, PotatoPoker are supported through converters working with Hand2Note Api (if implemented on the converters' side).
  • - Invalid calculation of hand strength and hand results in Short Deck Hold'em.
  • - In Replayer pocket cards are not shown right after opening a replayer's window.
  • - Crash opening the Configuration window on Windows 32-bit.
  • - In Stats Editor - Hand Strength condition Turn Board 4-straight with 1 gap includes paired boards.
  • - In Stats Editor - Hand Strength conditions Ace High, K-2 High don't work.
  • - In Detailed Hand View wrong hand results are shown for Run It Twice hands.

17.04.2019 Download
  • - Stats with Board Type criteria are calculated incorrectly.
  • - HUD doesn't work if Configuration - Game Types contains game type with straddle.
  • - Some other rare issues causing not working HUD.

13.04.2019 Download
    Hot Fix
  • - Crash in Replayer in a hand with Run It Twice from Preflop.
  • - In Replayer only single pocket card is shown in Texas Hold'em.
  • - In Asian poker rooms the HUD sometimes is not shown for the hands without straddle.

12.04.2019 Download
  • - Short Deck Hold'em (6+ Hold'em) support.

20.03.2019 Download
    Hot Fix
  • - HUD positions on PokerMaster appear on wrong positions in observer mode and with hero at the table.

18.03.2019 Download
  • - Red Dragon poker room support.
  • - PokerStars.NJ support.
  • - PokerMaster Omaha support.
  • - Most issues with PokerMaster HUD.

12.03.2019 Download
    Hot Fix
  • - Moving HUD elements doesn't save its positions.
  • - Asian room support Poker Community.
  • - Option Configuration - HUD - Hide HUD if no Hero at the table.

09.03.2019 Download
    Hot Fix
  • - On Pacific Network the HUD is shown on the wrong positions (please, set the preferred seat at 6-max tables equal to 3 on Pacific Network in Configuration -> Rooms).

08.03.2019 Download
  • - Permanent switch of the HUD profile by a hot key.
  • - Hide cells in a HUD by a hot key. Makes possible to substitute some cells in a HUD by others by a hot key.
  • - Occasional crash if hot keys are enabled.
  • - PokerStars client makes an error sound while using some hot keys.
  • - Some complicated hot key combos don't work.
  • - Default preferred seat on PacificNetwork should be 3 but was 4.

03.03.2019 Download
  • - HUD is changed to comply with the new rules on PokerStars.
  • - Hot Keys in Configuration - Game Types to switch between HUD Profiles at the table.
  • - Hot Keys in HUD Editor - Display Options to show/hide specific cells or tables in HUD.
  • - Tournaments support in rooms based on Connective platform.
  • - On 888Poker the HUD is shown on the wrong places.
  • - On IPoker the HUD blocks mouse input.
  • - On Winamax some tournament hands are not imported.
  • - On PokerStars hands with addons are not parsed correctly sometimes.

17.02.2019 Download
  • - Full Microgaming support: Betway Poker, RedKings, Red Star Poker
  • - On PokerStars HUD doesn't work in some tourneys.
  • - HUD is duplicated with Hand2Note Api integration.

31.01.2019 Download
  • - Hands on PlanetWin365 are mistakenly treated as hands on PokerStars.

31.01.2019 Download
  • - Multiple randoms errors appeared after 30th January.

  • - Added notification in the emulator resolution dialog when the required resolution can't be set automatically because of a difference in the aspect ratio of the rendering area.
  • - Heavy CPU load after PokerKingdom fix.