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SmartGo Hud

SmartGo Hud
SmartGo Hud
SmartGo Hud
SmartGo Hud

Last modified: 3 May 2018 Author: petan2002

!!! We provide the opportunity for a free trial period using a hud for 1 week, please contact skype - petan2002 !!!

  • It hud allows you to play both tournaments 3max (Spin&Go, Twister etc.) and tournaments HU (heads-up).

  • Hud automatically switches between 3max and HU - you do not need to manually switch or use third-party programs (for money).

  • Hud design made in SmartSpin style, especially for players of this school.

  • Hud allows you to display the heat maps for all statistics, unfortunately, IMPORTANT!!! On PokerStars this function works in text view.

  • Heat maps functionality works in popup for all rooms without exception, which further allows visual analysis of gaming sessions.

  • In the config 2 profiles with a bright and quiet coloring stat.

Game stream with SmartGo Hud:

Help in installing and configuring via Skype, Teamviewer.

Installation: unpack the archive into the Hand2Note folder.


Skype: petan2002

from $25 / $2.5 per month