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GT SpinHud

GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud
GT SpinHud

Last modified: 5 Nov 2016 Author: pro.h2n

  • display of statistic panels according to the positions and in relation to your position at the table;
  • no pop-ups, all the information is displayed at the table in compact form;
  • dynamic highlighting of the preflop statistics depending on the effectiveness level of the stack;
  • a possibility to analyze opponents’ game from all HUD panels;
  • separate stats for 3 max and heads-up;
  • xpanded statistics for heads-up+hu-sng-hud;
  • additional automatic statistics for every stat: Next Moves of the Player, Auto bet sizing, Auto vsHero;
  • statistics have different colors depending on the aggressiveness of the game line;;
  • all the stats contain abbreviations which makes it much faster to get accustomed to the software;
  • SpinHud has an unprotected profile and is fully editable (except for the vD version);
  • the speed of readjustment of statistics of SpinHud is up to 1000-2000 hands/second.
SpinHud is fully compatible with PokerStars rules.
  • SpinHud Full
  • SpinHud Full_vD - dynamic lighting
  • SpinHud Full_vH - statistics vsHero
  • SpinHud Lite
  • SpinHud Lite_vD - dynamic lighting
  • SpinHud Lite vH - statistics vsHero
  • HU-SNG
  • HU-SNG_vD - dynamic lighting
  • HU-SNG_vH - statistics vsHero
  • Filters - 1655pcs
  • ExpressionStats - 84pcs



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