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Private HUD order service

Our company provides a private service for creating custom HUDs and popups in Hand2Note. Our service is useful, first of all, for those who are switching from Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker, and want to transfer their HUD configuration to Hand2Note. Please, contact us by email to make an order.

Please, note, creating HUD's and popup's structure is still your responsibility. If you are not sure what kind of stats you need then you may purchase one of our professional HUDs in our shop

‒ What we can do?

We can create HUD of any type (static, positional and dynamic) and popups in Hand2Note based on your template, for example, a screenshot of your popup in Holdem Manager. Revision and testing are included.

‒ What do you need to provide before we start?

You need to provide a template of required HUD and popups. It could be a screenshot of your existing HUD or a template from Hand2Note editor like on Fig.1. Meanings of each stat in each cell should be clear.
Custom HUD Popup template
Fig. 1. An example of a template in Hand2Note's Popup Editor. Text "99" instead of each stat. Meaning of each stat is clear.

‒ How much it costs?

It costs 10$ per 50 stats in popup and 20$ per 50 stats in HUD.

‒ How long it takes to create a private HUD?

We may create - 150-200 stats per day including time for revision and testing.

Please, contact us by email to make an order.