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Notes In Hand2Note

Have you ever wondered why our product is called Hand2Note? Now you're gonna know :).

Table of Contents:

1. Add hand to a note with a single click

2. Create a list of predefined notes

3. Bind notes to a stat

Notes and reads play a crucial part in building an exploitative strategy in poker. We designed Hand2Note for taking and managing notes efficiently.

In this article, I'll introduce three standout features that will elevate your note-taking to a new level.

In contrast to optimal strategy, also known as GTO strategy, exploitative strategy is much more profitable against less experienced or weaker players who frequently make mistakes. Helping you to build an exploitative strategy is a core value of Hand2Note.

1. Add hand to a note with a single click

Inserting a hand into a note was one of the first features of Hand2Note in its early days.

1. Right click on a hand view to open the context menu. From there, select ‘Add to Note’.

Add player note button

2. In the popup, write down the additional comment if needed.

Add note to a hand
Hand2Note automatically preselects the target player for whom you are saving the note based on the actions in the hand.

3. Double click on the hand to open it in the hand replayer. Then hover the mouse over the notes icon.

notes popup

Hand2Note uses a unique, compact way of visually representing a hand. To learn more about this, please refer to our Visual Hand Representation guide.

2. Create a list of predefined notes

Every good poker player has its own set of typical reads and notes. Create your own list of predefined notes in Hand2Note.

In the short video below, I select the note “Overbet Bluffs” from the list of templates.

Add a note template

For me, this note means that the player tends to bluff when he overbets.

This feature saves your time when you are playing multiple tables.

3. Bind notes to a stat

If you have many notes on a single player, say ten or more, things become messy. By assigning notes to a specific stat, you organize your notes based on the situations where you might need them.

For example, if you have a read on how your opponent usually makes continuation bets, you assign a note to the Continuation Bet stat.

1. Open the player popup

2. In the popup hold the mouse on a stat Continuation Bet

Continuation bet stat in popup

3. In the stat popup, click Add Note.

Add note button

4. Enter the note and close the popup.

Add note on a stat

5. The note was added to the stat popup.

Note on a stat

You can also add a hand into a note on a stat.

1. Right click on the hand and click Copy Hand History in the context menu.

Copy hand history in Hand2Note

2. Open the stat popup and right click on the empty input. Then click Paste Hand History.

Paste hand history into the note

3. The hand was added to the notes on the stat.

Note hand on a stat in Hand2Note

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