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The Regular and the fish in Hand2Note

A large number of functions in Hand2Note based on separation of all players into two groups: regulars and fish.

Regulars are players who play poker for a living. Usually they play a lot of hands, and a database accumulates a large sample for them over time.

Fish is a common term for amateur players who play infrequently and not standard. Usually, it isn't possible to collect a sufficient sample for such players. It makes a game against them slightly more difficult in comparison with regulars.

The matter is that the regulars play against other regulars quite different than against fish. Mixing of hands Reg-vs-Fish with hands Reg-vs-Reg leads to a significant distortion in statistics accuracy.

An average regular nl200 plays against a fish about half of all hands postflop, despite the fact that only one fish usually sits at the table. This happens because a fish more often comes into play preflop than regulars.

In order to solve this problem, Hand2note automatically excludes reg-vs-fish hands while calculating statistics. The advantages of this approach following:

  • - Statistics for the regular become more accurate, since we are primarily interested in how regulars play against such as we are, i.e. against regs
  • - It simplifies an analysis of individual players after the game when we are interested in the player’s showdowns against the same players as we are
  • - An analysis of players in Range Research becomes much more effective
  • - Separation of the players on regulars and fish allows you to build unique reports showing Win Rate at the tables with and without fish, as well as Win Rate depending on the position of fish relative to a player

‒ How Hand2Note distinguishes a fish and a reg?

Hand2Note identifies who is a regular in accordance with settings of VPIP, PFR, LIMP and HANDS values in Configurator -> Game Types

Fig. 1. Settings of Regular criteria according to Hand2Note statistics

Alternatively, you can manually assign a Сolor Marker to a player that will define him as a regular or fish. By default, the green marker is used to indicate a fish and red marker for a regular.

Fig. 2. Settings of Color Markers. Each marker can designate either Fish or Reg.

‒ How it is defined that the hand is played against fish?

If any fish left in the game along with a player, the hand is considered to be played against a fish at the moment.

‒ Can I disable separation on regulars and fish?

You can disable this option in Configuration -> System -> Statistics. Disabling this option may be useful in those game types where it is difficult to clearly define who is a regular and who is fish.