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Stat Info popup customization

Hand2Note builds decent number of additional stats per each custom stat you created. All additional stats are placed in a Stat Info popup which you can open hovering mouse over a stat.

Additional statistics popup

You may customize the rules how Hand2Note separates a stat by bet sizings, boards and hand strength.

Bet Sizing Customization

You can customize bet sizing separation in Configuration -> Popup on stat -> Bet Sizing for each type of a bet.

Bet sizing configuration

Here you can specify bet size in big blinds or M or even a ratio between bet size and a pot or opponent's bet size. In Eff stack / x column you may set effective stack size to bet size ratio.

You also may customize bet sizing separation for a distinct stat in Stats Editor in Bet Sizing tab.

Boards Separation Customization

In Configuration -> Popup on stat-> Board Groups you may set boards and Hand2Note will calculate value of a stat on each board along with calculating a postflop range on each board.

Boards separation configuration

Each board corresponds to a filter created in Stats Editor -> Hand Strength tab. Please, watch our video to get more information about working with Hand Strengths tab in Custom Stats article.

Hand Strength Separation in Postflop Diagram

In Configuration -> Postflop diagram -> Groups you may specify how showdowns separated into groups at postflop digram. Each hand strengths correspons to a filter created in Hand Strength tab. More information about working with this tab you may find in our Custom Stats article

Postflop chart configuration

You may customize hand strength separation on postflop diagram for a distinct stat in Stats Editor in Groups tab

Column Is Weak allows you to mark a hand strength as a weak one. Then this option will be used when Hand2Note calculates the percentage of weak hands in a range of a player.

Weak postflop chart configuration