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Stat Info - additional statistics on stat

For each stat in HUD or popup Hand2Note calculates decent amount of other related stats.

Hover mouse over a stat and you will see the following popup

Additional statistics on CONTINUATION BET stat Fig. 1. Stat Info popup on the stat CONTINUATION BET OOP

This is a default popup for the stat CONTINUATION BET FLOP OOP

On the right side of the popup you may find automated stat description.

Statistics Description
Fig. 2. Description of the stat CONTINUATION BET OOP automatically built by Hand2Note

It is very useful for those who are still not familiar enough with meanings of some stats.

Let's have a look on stats in the popup in details

Next Actions statistics
Fig. 3. Next player's actions after continuation bet OOP on the flop

Next Actions F/C/R show how often player folds, calls and raises with his next action. In this example, the player folded 49% of times when he faced a raise, 42% he called and 9.3% he did a 3bet on flop. Next Actions B/X show how often the player bets and checks after he did a bet on flop and got an opportunity to make a bet again on turn. In our example, player bets 72% and checks 28% on turn after his opponent called continuation bet and checked turn.

Stat Value just shows the actual value of a stat. This is the same value you will see in HUD and popup and placed in stat info just for convenience

vs-Hero shows the value of a stat just against Hero, i.e. you. In the example above, he checked 38% times (3 times of 8) against me. Next to the vs-Hero stat you may find a diagram which shows an exact range of player's bet against me.

Won Hand shows how often he won a hand when he did a continuation bet. Went to SD shows how often he went to showdown after continuation bet and Won at SD shows how often he won a showdown.

Next you may find bet sizing information and his Next Actions for each separate bet size. This is extremely usefull information especially when player doesn't balance his small and huge bets.

Bet Sizing
Fig. 4. Bet sizing frequencies and ranges for continuation bet

Stats below bet sizings are very useful in analyzing your own game. It is a part of EDGE subscription and is described in Decision Analysis article

Then each postflop stat info contains postflop diagram with a range of hand values this player has ever shown on showdown after action in question

Fig. 5. Continuation bet out of position range on the flop

Strong hands usually come to showdown much more often than weak hands. So, the shown range is not precise and "shifted" to stronger hands. However, it is still useful.

Each preflop stat info contains preflop range map instead of postflop range

Preflop Range Heat Map
Fig. 6. OPEN RAISE UTG preflop range

In the bottom you may find a list of hands with showdowns

Hands with showdowns
Fig. 7. The list of hands with showdowns on stat CONTINUATION BET FLOP OOP

Which are easily replayable

Poker hand replayer