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FAQ. Supported Poker Rooms

‒ What rooms are supported by Hand2Note?

Currently, we support about 50 rooms. Most of the little-known poker rooms require PlanetConverter

‒ Why do I need to use third-party software such as StarsHelper, PartyCaption, WPN Tools and others?

You need to use the additional software to enable full Dynamic and Positional HUD support. HUD in Hand2Note is based on information obtained from a current hand. Other poker trackers build HUD based on a previous hand at the table according to received hand history. The software similar to StarsHelper reads nicknames, stack sizes, positions, etc. directly from a client interface of poker rooms, and then transfers information to Hand2Note.

‒ Why Hand2Note doesn't read data from the poker client interface by itself?

This feature requires very complicated code and its implementation is completely different for each poker room. Besides, poker rooms are constantly updating their clients and each update requires an update of Hand2Note. At the moment we decided to concentrate our efforts on unique features instead of spending time for things that are already made in other programs. Probably, in the future, we will make the built-in support for dynamic HUD in Hand2Note for main poker rooms.

‒ What additional software needs to be used for dynamic HUD support in different rooms?

PokerStars StarsHelper, StarsCaption, SessionLord
PartyPoker PartyCaption,
IPoker IPoker Tools for the new client and IPEditor for the old client of IPoker
Pacific Network 888Caption2 for the new client and 888Caption the old client
Winning Poker Network WPNTools
Microgaming Network MPNTools

Dynamic HUD is not supported on other rooms. Positional HUD is displayed based on information from history of a previous hand at the table

‒ Whether Positional HUD works without third-party software?

Yes, Hand2Note is able to calculate positions and players stack sizes in the current hand based on information from history of the last hand at the table. However, sometimes happens that a player sit-outed between the current and the previous hand. In this case, positions will be calculated incorrectly.