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Interactive Statistics in Hand2Note

While Reports are tailored for diving into specific situations and analyzing them in detail, the Statistics tab takes a different approach. It's your go-to tool for exploring a broad range of spots all at once, even when you're not exactly sure what you're seeking.

Table of Contents:

Interact with the data

Know how often your opponents bluff

Aggregate stats of multiple players

Frequently Asked Questions:

In the Statistics tab, you enter the exploration mode. You scan through the data to uncover unbalanced or weak points in your opponents' play. Ultimately, your goal remains the same: finding ways to exploit at the tables.

Interact with the data

In the statistics tab, many elements are clickable, allowing you to delve deeper into the data for more detailed information about each spot.

1. Select the Statistics tab.

Statistics tab

2. Click on the 3bet from MP stat, which stands for the middle position stat.

3bet range from middle position

3. By clicking Call Range, you can immediately compare his 3-bet range with his ‘Call Open Raise’ range.

Call open raise range
Tip. By comparing the raise and call ranges in the same spot, you gain insights into whether the player or player group balances their strategy.

4. Click on the cell in the range to open list of corresponding hands.

Call open raise with KTs hands

5. Double click on any item in the hand list to open the Hand Replayer

Hand2Note Hand Replayer

Know how often your opponents bluff

Study postflop ranges in different spots to find the percentage of weak hands in the ranges of your opponents. For bets and raises, weak hands usually mean bluffs or semi-bluffs.

Postflop Histogram
A weak hand is typically something less than a middle pair. Postflop histograms display the percentage of these weak hands within the range. You can use this indicator to quickly identify potential exploitable situations when the proportion of weak hands is either excessively high or low.

Examine actions by board

Postflop Boards Chart
FAQ. Can I create custom board categories?
By default, you have just a few board categories in Hand2Note. However, you can add up to 256 board categories in Configuration -> Board Categories

Split postflop ranges by bet sizing

In the screenshot below, we see that the player mostly overbets with strong hands.

Postflop Bet Sizing Split

It’s an exploitable read!

Tip. As with boards, you can customize bet sizing categories in Configuration -> Bet Sizings. Moreover, you can set bet sizing categories for specific stats in the Stat Editor -> Settings tab.

Aggregate stats of multiple players

In some spots, you may have an insufficient sample to be able to estimate a player's range. To solve this problem, you select a group of similar players and aggregate their stats into a single statistics report.

Multiple Players Dialog

Many poker professionals regard it the most powerful feature of Hand2Note. By studying stats of player groups, they craft an exploitative strategy and boost their win rates. How? Learn more about it in the Multi-Player Reports article.

In contrast to optimal strategy, also known as GTO strategy, exploitative strategy is much more profitable against less experienced or weaker players who frequently make mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select stats for a specific time period?

Yes, you can track statistics for specific periods, uncovering the shifts and trends in your or your opponents’ strategy. This is how to do it:

Select Time Period in Hand2Note

How do I use different profiles for stats in the Statistics tab?

Switch profiles in the Profile Menu.

Switch statistics profile

How do I Save & Load heavy multiplayer reports?

Click the Save icon to save the report.

Save report button

To load the report, click the Open Report next to the Save icon and select the report.

Load report dialog

How do I switch between Cash and Tournament mode?

Switch between Tournament and Cash mode in the Players Dialog.

How to switch game type

Multi-Player Reports

Compact Hand Represantation