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Getting Started With Hand2Note

We've worked hard to make your first steps with Hand2Note smooth and straightforward. Usually, all you have to do is start the program and you're good to go. In this guide, I'll walk you through a few easy steps to get you up and running with Hand2Note.

Table of Contents:

Getting started with reports and stats

Getting started with HUD

Getting started with reports and stats

To start exploring stats and reports, all you need to do is import your hand histories.

Don't have any hand history files? No worries, you can still get a feel for Hand2Note and its features by using our sample test database.

Click on 'Use Test Data' to use a sample database in Hand2Note.

Use test data
Tip. For GGNetwork, reach out to their customer support to get your hand histories.

To import existing hand histories into Hand2Note, you have a few options:

  • Import from a folder on your computer.
  • Import from specific files.
  • Import from an existing database, such as Hand2Note, Poker Tracker 4, Hold’em Manager 2, Hold’em Manager 3, Drive Hud 2, or even a custom Postgres SQL server.

Press the Import Folder to import hand histories from a directory.

Import Folder

For other import options, such as importing from a database, navigate to the 'Import' menu:

Import Menu

Now you're all set. Next, discover the various uses and advantages of Hand2Note in our Reports and Statistics guides.

Getting started with HUD

On mobile poker apps, such as PokerBros or Red Dragon, you just run Hand2Note and you’re ready to go. The HUD shows up automatically without any prior adjustments.

Note. Hand2Note supports HUD on mobile apps only when you run the app on an Android Emulator, such as LdPlayer (recommended) or Nox.

1. Make sure your poker client is set to English.

Android app poker HUD

2. In your poker application, look for an option like "Save Hand Histories", and select a folder where the poker client will store these files.

PokerStars hand history options

3. Open the Configuration tab in Hand2Note.

Hand2Note configuration tab

4. Click Add-auto import folder…

Hand2Note auto import folder config dialog

5. In the system dialog that pops up, choose the same folder you've selected in the poker client. This is what we refer to as the auto-import folder.

Select folder dialog

The final configuration should look like this.

Hand2Note auto import folder config

6. You're all done! The HUD should update after the current hand is completed.

Hand2Note PokerStars HUD
You can select the Archive Folder in the ‘Auto Import’ config. Hand2Note will take files from your poker app's hand history folder and move them to the Archive Folder. This way, all your hand histories are stored in one location.
Don't confuse the Archive Folder with auto-import folders!

Some poker apps may require additional, specific steps for the HUD to function correctly. For more in-depth guidance, refer to the setup guide tailored to your particular poker site:

Follow our HUD guide to understand HUDs and the advantages they offer.


HUD Introduction